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Or Nah Lyrics

Or Nah

Intro: Too $hort
Don’t fight the feeling ‘thats right’ don’t fight the feeling.

Bridge: The Game
Said my life is like a movie nigga fucking everyday, fucking everyday nigga fucking everyday.
said my life is like a movie nigga fucking err’day, missionary, doggy style, nigga fucking everyway.

Verse 1: The Game
i’m not the nigga you thought that
That tricking we off that, I hit that, no call back
She ratchet, I like it, I hold it, she bite it
She lick it and suck it, I fuck it, he wife it
No feelings for a hoe that ain’t my main thing
My niggas on the same thing, all my niggas gangbang, bitches do jewels, this is my booth.
Two C’s on a bag but she throw a Piru
And we off that Suracci, no mind if I do
Her girlfriend a thot, tell her hop in my Coupe
Tell her hop in my bed, tell her hop off my roof
My baby momma trippin’ and that bitch can shoot.

Hook 1: The Game
You gon’ let me hit or nah?
(Can i get the dick or nah?)
You gon’ let me watch you strip or nah?
(Can a bitch get a fit or nah?)
Hook 2: Eric Bellinger
Girl once you get it, you got it forever
Ooh Noo, so let me hit it.
Girl once you get it, you got it forever
Ooh Giirrl, so let me hit it.

Verse 2: Eric Bellinger
If you let a nigga come through
Ima give it to you better than you ever had it, girl I promise I’m gonna be the only thing you wan’ do
Making you forget about yo niggas automatic
You already know, I can fuck you bettaaahhh
Can we leave togettthhhaaahhh

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